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Dear Reader,


This is non-binary (they/them) me at home in the District of Columbia dancing with objects, the outdoors, and curiosity.


I want you to know that there is a rainbow in my queer heart, and it is dazzled by your complexity. We are blessed full of contradictions. I enjoy hiking amongst them.


My approach to dancing with others is soft and layered, like Appalachian foothills (my birth place). I prefer instruments in various tunings; the ones you have had forever, that wear their unique history warmly in their texture, glowing with character. Bodies sing to me this way. Unique dances draw me to inclusive communities, parks programs, youth teams, and neurodivergent ensembles that support people of all abilities.


I am here for celebration. Let us break out outlandish hats and get goofy. I find this spirit echoed in the families and intergenerational dancers gracing Dance Exchange. This is one place I run around barefoot facilitating. I also do it with boots on in the field with naturalists, and in a circle with diverse movers.


I am sentimental. I’m mushy gushy about things like joy, of which I am a tracker, over the fantastic terrain of the body. 


I am learning about birds. The thing about nature, is that it includes all of us. That is the way I want dance to feel. 


Thank you for visiting.



Stages that produced my work:

Dance Institute of Washington (DC)

City of Takoma Park (MD)

Dance Exchange (MD)

Rhizome (DC)

Gallery 1412 (WA)

Studio Current  (WA)

Gallery 2631 (WA)

The Pocket Theater (WA)

Cocoon Theater (NY)

Factory Street Studio (OH)

The Seattle International Dance Festival (WA)

enROOT Artist Collective (WA)

Converge Dance Festival (WA)

On the Boards Open Studio (WA)


Makers whose work I performed:

Nancy Havlik (MD)

Cassie Meador of Dance Exchange (MD)

Elizabeth Johnson Levine of Dance Exchange (MD)

Veronica Lee Baik of The Three Yells Performance Company (WA)

Fox Whitney of Gender Tender (WA)

Vanessa DeWolf (WA)

Emily Durand (WA)

Rachael Lincoln(WA)

JKLM Studio (WA)

Kris Wheeler (WA)

PE|Mo (WA)

Shannon Stewart(WA)

Kimberly Holloway(WA)

Noelle Chun (WA)

and Alyza Delpan Monley(WA)


Partners with whom I teach/facilitate 

Open Circle Theater (DC) + John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (DC)

William S. Schmidt Center of Prince George's County Public Schools (MD)

Jacob’s Pillow Curriculum in Motion (MA)

Audubon Society of Naturalists (MD)

Dance Exchange (MD)

Bodywise Dance Company (VA)

The Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association (WA)


The City of Seattle (WA)

The City of Shoreline (WA)

Costello Syndrome Family Support Network, and CFC International. 


Artists with whom I have studied:

Bennington College Class of 2013

Terry Creach (VT)

Susan Sgorbati (VT)

Dana Reitz(VT)

Joseph Poulson (VT)

Gwen Welliver (VT)

Stuart Singer (VT)

Richard Seigal (VT)

Nina Flag (VT)

The Architects (PA)

Cita Strauss (OH)

Adele Gribou (OH)


The artists that raised me:

Gay and Bruce Dalzell (OH)

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