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Cheers to baby steps.

This is a poster my spouse has had since teenagehood.

It came into my life tightly rolled for transport. It‘s no less beautiful in this state, but the dance required for viewing it is more involved. Give this puppy a little support from a custom frame and dang, it’s impactful. I get to see it in a way I never could before.

Hey there little metaphor.

I see similarities in myself. I came to DC inhibited and tightly wound. But things are feeling different. Hooray! Hooray for change!

It took a lot of baby steps and missteps to find the right frame for what I have to show. Little things like finding the right room to dance in, warming up in a supportive way, all the intuitive shifts that let my heart trust the space available.

Here is 1 min of some dancing prompted by my coach and pal, Mercedes Klein (I highly recommend her work). It is movement to accompany the statement “I trust myself.”

Oh baby does it feel like a new and very welcome dance. I would like to thank every one of the dances I tried along the way, that I was able to let go of, to get here.

Cheers to you and your baby steps. I hope you get a moment to zoom way out and see yourself as puffy cloud or a tree might see you, over space and time. Cheers to all the stumbles and steps you have taken so far (sooooooooo far! Look how far.)

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