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Waiting Dance - The Weight of Me

I did at one moment think today “what if I just move subtly for 30min, does that count?”

The real question is

Who’s Counting?

It’s me. Just me in here. This body is mine. It’s sticky with shoulds and woulds but today it was round and beautiful.

When I see a photo of myself someone else took, I immediately assess how skinny I look. I hope I’d never be that cruel to someone else. Immediately curse the changes I see.

We Need To Change.

We must.

This is a Dance About

  1. Hanging

  2. Bold lines, heavy weight.

  3. Control, gradually approaching edges.

  4. Being beautiful in the way I want to be, even if it’s in a balletic sense. The choice just has to be mine.

  5. After all the time spent in the places, touching noses with a small pig family for the first time.

  6. Understanding the power that comes from my weight. Welcoming gravity.

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